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You know how it is. You’re sitting around and you can’t think of a gift idea to get someone. Sure, the holidays are coming up, but you have no idea what they want or need. You could go with one of those generic gift cards or something like that, but why not get them something they’ll really love? A Philadelphia Eagles Hawaiian Shirt!

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Why You Should Get Them a Philadelphia Eagles Hawaiian Shirt

Because these guys wear Hawaiian shirts way more than you ever will, I’m gonna go ahead and say that they are perfect for any fan. Okay, maybe not a fan who needs the shirt, but a fan who loves Hawaiian shirts. But how could you not love something that is Philadelphia Eagles themed? They don’t wear them to school or work or anything. They wear them out on the town. So the idea of getting them a Philadelphia Eagles Hawaiian Shirt is a way to say, “Hey, you’re a die hard fan, so wear the shirt with pride!” And let me tell you: This is not a joke. A Philadelphia Eagles Hawaiian Shirt is a beautiful and amazing gift idea that doesn’t have to break the bank.

Philadelphia Eagles football history

The Philadelphia Eagles have been around in various incarnations since the 1940’s, and have been called The Flying Dutchman. Before it was the Eagle’s, the name belonged to a team called The Penn Yan Sailors. Then it became the Ackerly Lions, the Quad County Lions, and the Buckskin Giants before finally becoming the Eagles in 1948.

These days, the Philadelphia Eagles are the only major American sports team who don’t have a city where they play. The football team’s home field is the City of Brotherly Love, where they’ve been for the last 33 years.

In 2014, Nike unveiled their “City Edition” shirts, which were a big hit with sports fans.

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You love the Philadelphia Eagles and you want to show it. You’ve got tickets to see them play and you need to prepare. Well, we know exactly what you’re looking for: a Philadelphia Eagles Hawaiian Shirt! Browse through our website and find your perfect shirt today.
Whether you want a simple long-sleeved shirt or something that screams “EAGLES”, we’ve got the perfect Hawaiian shirt for you. We offer free shipping on orders of $95 or more and if you don’t like your order, we offer a one-time exchange for free as well as a 30-day return policy. Order now at today.


A Hawaiian shirt is really a perfect gift for any Philadelphia Eagles fan, but we’re giving you a chance to gift it to someone special. Check out our five favorites below.

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